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Fynbos : Good for skin and soul

Our range of natural products contain our indigenous fynbos plant oils. Fynbos is cultivated under harsh conditions such as dry and parched areas in the Western Cape, South Africa. Fynbos is known for its medical benefits and is often used in traditional medication to alleviate symptoms such as fever, allergies and even cramps. 
On a beauty note, this helps to speed up the rate of cell regeneration. If your skin concerns include open pores or even lines, using products that contain Fynbos oils can help to draw out any impurities and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Over time you’ll notice the complexion of your skin is more even and stubborn spots are reduced. 
When used as a scent, this product helps to calm one’s senses down and help refresh the mind and body. Le Naturel's products are purposefully combined to create blends with a definite remedial reason in mind. Every ingredient serves a purpose and is specifically chosen for each blend, based on its nutritional and therapeutic benefits.

Our products are created to help rejuvenate and nurture the body, skin and mind. The fynbos ingredients are not merely hand selected for its health benefits, but to also create a product that is sensually and physically appealing. The fusions consist of ingredients that blend wonderfully together to create flavorful and mesmerizing aromas that only fynbos can produce.

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