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Introducing our Monthly Wellness Subscription Boxes !

Le Naturel Introduces Monthly Wellness Subscription Boxes !


All your favorite products 20% off, shipped for free straight to your door every month! No contracts, purchase at your convenience from month to month.

Le Naturel introduces the perfect Monthly Subscription Box, with all your wellness and natural beauty product essentials, at a discounted price.

ThePower Serum Set, R460

TheVitamin C Serumis a 100% powerful blend of Rosehip, Marula and Argan oils known to have a high Vitamin C content to leave your skin feeling smooth and clear. Perfect to use as a moisturizer in the morning and makes a great makeup foundation.

TheHelichrysum Serumis a 100% pure, natural, and powerful blend of Helichrysum, Baobab, Marula, and Melon oils known to have high Vitamin C content and anti-aging properties, that assist with reducing lines and wrinkles, leaving you with smooth, clear skin.

TheEssentials Set,R600

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Natural LotionandNatural Wash, for your bathroom, kitchen and friendly to be used on face, hands and body.

TheBuchu Balm, is a natural antiseptic, anti inflammatory, antibacterial balm for scratches, itches, bite marks, muscle ache, dry heels, cuticles, lips and everything else that needs nature's medicine.

TheVitamin C Face Serum, is one of Le Naturel’s best selling products. Anti-Aging, brightening, regenerative and natural blend for all skin types - friendly on sensitive skin!

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