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Top 3 must-have skincare products for autumn.

Top 3 must-have skincare products for autumn

By Thobile MazibukoTime of article published Mar 17, 2021

We are fast approaching the cooler season and before the weather changes, it's best to prepare your skin.

In the autumn, air tends to be dry and cooler around this time, thus causing the skin to lose moisture and hydration. But worry not because we have put together a list of three products that will make your skin glow this season.

Some people may think that sunscreen is only reserved for warm weather but that is not the case. It should be worn all year long and for something that you can take anywhere, try the Natural Sunscreen by Le Naturel. It comes in a small container that will fit in your purse.

A serum

Your face needs all the vitamins it can get as it is the most exposed part of your body. Investing in a good serum will not only keep your skin hydrated but will also give you the glow that you desire. Try the Chick Cosmetics Boost Serum, it also helps clear acne scars.

Lip balm

Of course, we spend most of the time wearing masks, meaning our mouths are usually covered, but that’s not a reason to not moisturise your lips. Behind that mask, make sure your lips stay hydrated. Vaseline’s Lip Therapy Aloe is recommended as it soothes dry lips. And, it is clear so won’t leave stains on your mask.


Pro tip: Don't forget to drink water and eat healthy food.