World Earth Day - 22 April 2021

World Earth Day - 22 April 2021

Cape Town, April 2021 - Celebrate Earth Day with Le Naturel

World Earth Day is celebrated on the 22 of April every year around the world. The earth is our home, and we must protect and care for our home and treat it with love and respect. Le Naturel prides itself in continually producing and researching trend patterns, collaboration, and ideas to provide recyclable, environmentally friendly products that are good for people and the earth.

“Restore Our Earth is the theme for Earth Day 2021” - Le Natural aspires to complement a natural approach to health and beauty, Founder Lea Botha is motivated to produce a range of luxury natural products with no chemicals, fragrances, colorants, or parabens. Le Naturel strives to do business in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, natural way.

Visit Le Naturel to shop and explore more natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

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