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Cape Snowbush, Cape Geranium and African Wormwood Natural Mist

Why use me?

Nothing beats that fresh and open feeling when you take a walk in nature. Your mind clears, your lungs open up - nature truly is the best medicine!

Our Natural Room & Body Mist will inspire that same sense - clean, natural and 100% luxuriously fresh! Made with Cape Snowbush, Cape Geranium and African Wormwood. You will feel relaxed, at ease and calm as you inhale the gorgeous scent the earth's most relaxing herbal scents.

Made with:

Alchohol, Propylyn Glycol, Distilled Water, Denatonium Benzoate, Eriocephalus Africanus (Snowbush) Oil, Artemesia Afra (African Wormwood) Oil, Pelegronium Graveolens (Cape Geranium) Oil.


200 ml amber glass

Why it works:

Cape Geranium is widely used as a calming oil to aid relaxation and help to relieve stress and anxiety. Combined with Cape Snowbush and African Wormwood, your mood will be uplifted as these oils act as an antidepressant. Cape Snowbush is also a sedative, relieving feelings of stress, anxiety and anger. It is antiseptic, protecting the body from infections.

How to use it:

Shake well and spray over body or in the room. When applied to your skin as a body mist or sprayed in a room, you will experience the relaxing and healing properties of the Cape Snowbush, Cape Geranium and African Wormwood.