Indigenous Botanica of South Africa

Our rich tapestry of South African flora is classified into 8 biomes, these being Grassland, Savanna, Succulent Karoo, Nama Karoo, Forest, Fynbos, Desert and Thicket. This bears testimony to the great wealth of diverse plant species, as well as the many healing plants rich in essential oils.

The Cape Floral Kingdom, one of only six floristic kingdoms in the world, is the smallest and richest per unit of area. It contains the greatest diversity of plants, with almost 70% of those being unique to this location (endemic). Travel from Clanwillian on the West coast to Port Elizabeth on the Southeast coast in early spring for the greatest flower show on earth.

It is from this Fynbos area that most of the essential oils in our range are extracted – Cape May, Cape Chamomile, African Lemon Bush, Cape Snowbush, Cape Buchu. Others, such as the African Wormwood and Cape Geranium are sourced from the drier climes of theFree State. The carrier oils are sourced further afield, from Limpopo, Namibia and Lesotho. Still in the Southern African region.

The plants used in the essential oils that are used in Le Naturel's products have been in use for centuries by the local indigenous people in their healing practices and rituals to bring harmony to their homes, health and family.


Agathosma Betulina Family: Rutaceae
Boegoe (Afrikaans), Round-leaved Buchu (English), Buchu (Khoi), iBuchu (Xhosa)

This indigenous shrub grows in fynbos habitats near streams on the lower slopes of the Western Cape mountains. It has rounded green leaves, a distinctly reddish stem and beautiful white star-shaped flowers.

It is one of the most popular remedies and has traditionally been used in a brandy tincture called ‘Boegoe-brandewyn’ for stomach ailments. It is commonly used for kidney and urinary tract discomfort, for symptomatic relief from gout and rheumatism and as an external application to wounds and bruises. In popular folklore, it is known as an Elixir of youth - a general tonic for physical well-being.

Cape May

Coleonema album
Flowering tops and whole sprigs are used in a clean steam-distillation to produce the highest quality undilutedessential oil.​

Benefits of White Cape May Pure essential oil, it promotes health and rejuvenation. Alleviates colds and flu and its beautiful fragrance is restorative and repels insects.

Traditionally this herb was used as an anti-septic and rubbed on hands to remove odor.

A rare local indigenous remedy from the unique Cape Fynbos Kingdom, the essential oil from the enchanting White Cape May has rejuvenating properties that promote a sense of well-being, with a beautiful uplifting aroma that speaks of its emotionally healing properties for anger and anxiety.

Cape Snowbush

Eriocephalus Africanus Asteraceae
Kapokbos, Wilde Roosmaryn (Afrikaans), Wild Rosemary (English)​

This small multi-branched shrub has clusters of small hairy silver leaves and dense white flowers and fluffy white seed tufts, hence the ‘snow’ (‘kapok’ – Afrikaans) name. It grows mainly in the Namaqualand, Western andEastern Cape.

It has traditionally been used as a diuretic to treat oedema and stomach ailments by the Khoi and early Cape settlers. It is commonly believed to have sedative qualities, act as a relaxant and as a mood enhancer.

Cape Geranium

Pelagonium Graveolens Family: Geraniaceae
COMMON INDIGENOUS NAMES: Wildemalva (Afrikaans), Rose Geranium (English)​

This aromatic shrub, indigenous to the Cape region of South Africa, is cultivated extensively world-wide for its distinctive rose-like smell. It has upright stems with fleshy leaves rich in aromatic compounds and clusters of pinkish flowers.

Geranium is known to aid digestion, boost your immune system, aid in kidney health, helps to relieve stress and anxiety, gives relief to chronic pain or migraine and is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It's also used as a natural skin tonic to tighten and tone the skin and keeps it blemish-free.

African Wormwood

African Wormwood / Lanyana / Wilde Als Artemisia afra
Flowering tops and whole sprigs are used in a clean steam-distillation to produce the highest quality undiluted essential oil. Benefits of African Wormwood Pure Essential Oil, promotes blood purification.​

The pure essential oil of the South African indigenous Fynbos herb, locally known as Wilde Als, alleviates symptoms of flu, nasal congestion, upper respiratory tract infections, fever, haemorrhoids, stomach cramps and indigestion, hypertensive conditions and liver ailments.​

Traditionally the herb was used to relieve fever, stomach ailments andintestinal worms.

African Helichrysum

Imphepho Pure Essential Oil Helichrysum patulum
Wild harvested Imphepho, is a member of the unique South African Fynbos Kingdom . Pure Fynbos Imphepho Essential Oil has been steam-distilled from wild crafted and wild harvested botanicals in a sustainable project to rehabilitate fallow and mono-cropped farmlands. Our aim is to restore the natural habitats of the unique and endangered Fynbos Kingdom and preserve the precious resource of indigenous knowledge.​

Benefits of Imphepho Pure Essential Oil, promotes relaxation and improved sleep. Enhances muscle relaxation, soothes headaches and arthritis. Calms skin ailments and prevents wound infections. The oil is a natural insect repellent and useful on stings or insect bites.​

Add a few drops into a tablespoon or more of carrier oil of your choice (i.e. coconut oil) and massage into your body to relieve arthritis or muscle tension.​

Traditionally the dried herb was used to ‘smudge’ in ritual and ceremony to connect with the ancestors and clear dwellings of stagnant energy. The Khoisan bushmen and women anointed their bodies with the healing herb for its anti-microbial benefits.

African Chamomile

Eriocephalus punctulatus
Flowering tops and whole sprigs are used in a clean steam-distillation to produce the highest quality undiluted essential oil. The benefits of African Chamomile essential oil, it promotes mental clarity.

The pure essential oil of the South African indigenous Fynbos herb African Chamomile alleviates lymph congestion and earache. Improves circulation and memory. Traditionally this herb was used as an anti-depressant.This 100% pure and natural African Chamomile Essential Oil has been steam distilled from wild crafted and harvested plants that are part of a project to rehabilitate fallow and mono-cropped farmlands and restore this precious resource of indigenous knowledge systems. African Chamomile is a rare and beautiful local shrub with traditional healing properties known for its uplifting, calming and anti-depressant. properties.